Towards The Elimination Of Spam

By | August 5, 2010

As one gets older, there are several life lessons that become quite evident. Always use the restroom before taking a long car trip. Always order a large pizza. And never respond to spam e-mail.

Now, I dislike spam as much as the next guy, and in my role as the CMO of BlueCava I am in the enviable position of being able to help rid the planet of this cruel Internet pariah.

Here’s how.

Spammers deal in volume. They get paid based on the number of illegal messages they send, so spammers try to do what they do quickly and efficiently. This generally involves hiding their true identity by masking their IP address or, in many cases, using the identity of someone else to perpetrate mayhem.

Now, I am by no means a spammer, but I’m guessing that spammers try to make as much money as they can without incurring great costs. So, if we set up real barriers to eliminating spam, like recognizing the unique identity of machines that are spammers, we certainly can reduce the volume of spam quickly.

We have this theory that spammers are going to take the path of least resistance and we at BlueCava present a gigantic barrier to effective spam distribution. We seem to be a great anti-spam solution for ISPs, large email providers, or just about anyone else that really cares about making the e-mail customer experience nice and friendly. I do think that we are on the right side of this issue, so to speak.

Of course, eliminating spam will make the Internet environment better for everyone (except the spammers). People will pay attention to their messages and will be able to open them without fear. Plus, inboxes will be filled with relevant communications rather than include appeals from Nigerian princes, or Canadian pharmacies offering discounted prescription drugs.

Spam. At BlueCava we don’t like it and we’re out to help stop it now. Join us in our quest today. Your inbox will thank you tomorrow.

By Dean Harris, CMO of BlueCava

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