ADOTAS: Fingerprinting Devices With BlueCava

By | August 5, 2010

ADOTAS, July 9, 2010:

ADOTASĀ – Think about it like this, BlueCava CEO Dave Norris says: you bring your car to the parking lot of a local store. The guy at the register sees it and remembers you – he greets you as you walk in, maybe asks if you need more of this or that which you bought last time.

Next week you come back to the same store, but your car is painted a new color. But the clerk knows it’s the same carĀ – perhaps there’s a telling dent or a “Smashing Pumpkins” bumper sticker. When you walk in, he’s not surprised and might even ask how the paint job is working out.

Granted, he’s not going to write down your make, model and license plate number and store it in a file, perhaps share with some retailing friends. But the online world is a different beast and to some extent that’s what BlueCava does: when you visit one of its clients’ sites, BlueCave determines not only the IP address and cookies, but also the browser and the actual device being used.

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