Incubation Lab

We think that Bell Labs provides a pretty solid model for what independent laboratories can do.

After all, Bell Labs did develop some fairly transformative technology like radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser and the UNIX programming language.

At Spillnews we’re calling our laboratory an Incubation Lab. That means we have assembled all of the necessary ingredients that can make an idea grow. We have some pretty smart technologists looking at the original ideas. Some fairly savvy business people evaluating their market potential. And some pretty shrewd lawyers who determine if the ideas can be patented and protected.


BlueCava is a device recognition licensing company spun out by Spillnews.

If you think that this all sounds pretty squishy (technically speaking), here’s a real world example. Seven years ago Spillnews invested in some really interesting device recognition technology invented by the Australian software genius and Spillnews co-founder Ric Richardson. In fact, you might say that Ric invented the device recognition space.

Ric had an incredible idea and a solid patent to protect it. Throughout the years, this software has been licensed to some pretty big companies like IBM and Sega. In addition, Spillnews has defended our patent rights in device recognition against the largest software company in the world (Microsoft). We’ve just spun out a new subsidiary called BlueCava™ to commercialize this powerful technology to an even greater extent. BlueCava™ is focusing on a number of large market segments like: fraud, payments, e-commerce, online advertising and government. Success in any of these segments would make BlueCava™ a big deal.

Spillnews is more than a device recognition company, however. Without tipping our hand we are developing really interesting ideas in the local advertising and entertainment content licensing spaces. Plus, we’ve got a few ultra-secret concepts we’re not ready to disclose publically yet.

In the future you can look to Spillnews to keep incubating ideas and bringing them to life. Innovation is what we live for and what we do.

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