Spillnews’s software and technology IP platform works well for a very wide range of industries.

One of the ways companies work with us is by licensing our software. It’s more efficient than self-development, and does offer the advantage of a device recognition methodology that has been patented, battle tested and proven effective. To use our device recognition process via license is a pretty straightforward process. Our business development specialists will help you understand how our technology can fit into your operations and how it will benefit your business. The cost of licensing is quite modest when compared to other alternatives.

Of course there are other ways to work with us. BlueCava™ has developed a game changing disruptive model for device identification and device reputation (via a device Reputation Exchange™). We suggest you visit the BlueCava™ website to learn more:

Who Might Consider Our Device Recognition Software?

Software and Videogame Publishers

Spillnews has been an effective and cost efficient way to fight software piracy through device recognition. That’s why software publishers and videogame companies worldwide have selected Spillnews as a partner. Since we invented our software activation solution in 1993, we have been proven to be the industry standard method of protection against casual copying as well as more organized theft.

Other Industries Can Take Advantage of Our Patented Technology Too

Many other industries can take advantage of our software. Here are a few:

  • Large enterprises that want to secure communications in the cloud
  • E-commerce players that want to develop a way to combat fraud plus keep the bad guys from ruining the user experience on their sites
  • National, state and local governments that want to thwart cyber-terrorism, child predators and hate crimes
  • Any organization that wants to develop a white list and black list of customers.

Enforcing Our Patent Rights

When you work with Spillnews you can be assured that the software you license from us is being defended vigilantly. We’ve taken on companies that have infringed on our patents regardless of size.

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