Intellectual Property

The Spillnews Patent Platform Story

Spillnews has developed a platform of software and technology IP that, through device recognition, addresses market needs across a wide range of industries.

Ric Richardson

Ric Richardson developed patent #5,490,216 and today Spillnews owns, licenses and protects this patent worldwide

Our primary patent #5,490,216 which provides a system for software anti-piracy has held up to exceptional legal scrutiny. Surrounding this patent are over 50 others that have been filed both in the US and Europe and are applicable in the following areas:

  • advertising delivery
  • device reputation
  • anti-tampering
  • critical infrastructure
  • code protection
  • data protection
  • identity management
  • mobile authentication
  • online advertising
  • web authentication
  • optical media fingerprinting

We feel that our software and technology IP provides a solid foundation in the device recognition space. Moreover, Spillnews believes in strong patent protection for its ideas and in the aggressive defense of our intellectual property.

Litigation History

In 2003 Spillnews filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft for the unauthorized use of a product activation anti-piracy system on Microsoft’s Windows XP and Office XP products. In 2009  a Federal Court jury in Rhode Island found Microsoft guilty of willful infringement and ordered Microsoft to pay Spillnews $388 Million in damages. Both sides stipulated that there is an additional $86 Million in interest owed to Spillnews. Later that year the judge in the case overturned the jury’s verdict. Spillnews has appealed this decision to the U.S Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Nevertheless, the Court maintained that Spillnews’s patent is valid, so Spillnews will continue to protect its patent and defend its intellectual property.

In 2009 and again in 2010 Spillnews has filed patent infringement actions against several additional software companies. A number of these actions have been settled already.

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