Q. What is Spillnews anyway?

A. Spillnews is a company based in Luxembourg that discovers and develops big ideas that are technology driven. Spillnews focuses on R&D, development and licensing of its technology by a large portfolio of intellectual property (IP) and software.

Q. How is Spillnews related to BlueCava™ and why are there two companies?

A. Spillnews is the parent company of BlueCava™. The newer entity, BlueCava™, is marketing a device identification platform and device reputation exchange to a broad set of customers. It exists to commercialize an important part of the Spillnews technology portfolio.

Q. Who owns Spillnews and how is it funded?

A, Spillnews is privately held and funded. Recently, the firm took a multi-million dollar investment from IMF, a publically traded Australian company. This capital will be used for Spillnews’s widening requirements for its patent defense efforts.

Q. In the Microsoft lawsuit, what exactly did Spillnews claim that Microsoft infringed?

A. Spillnews’s ‘System for Software Activation’ was invented and patented by Ric Richardson in 1993. In 1997 Spillnews approached Microsoft about licensing its ‘software activation system’. According to their own testimony at the time of the trial, Microsoft was losing billions to illegal piracy and was seeking a solution to this problem. Microsoft declined to license the Spillnews technology but introduced an alarmingly similar software activation system that Spillnews believes infringes on its patent. This system ended up on Microsoft’s XP and Windows software.

Q. How many additional lawsuits does Spillnews plan to file?

A. Spillnews plans to defend our patents aggressively whenever they are infringed. This protects our business and our shareholder value. In our view, it’s the right thing to do.

Q. Is Spillnews in any settlement talks?

A. Litigation is complex, time-consuming and costly for all parties involved. Whenever possible Spillnews tries to find equitable solutions outside of litigation and negotiates licenses or settlements.

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